Journalism has been a part of my family for decades so naturally I started taking photos at a young age. I first started with an old Pentax 35mm SLR camera and I somehow managed to get some halfway decent shots over the years without any formal training.

However, it wasn’t until 2007 when I left Active Duty Army and joined the SD Army National Guard as a military journalist that I started becoming serious about photography. My role in the National Guard gave me the opportunities to truly build my passion and skills.

I later graduated from SDSU with a degree in Journalism – News/Editorial and focused my studies and work on photojournalism. My first few years after college were spent primarily photographing weddings where my photojournalism background really paid off.

Today, I like to express myself as a visual storyteller through Nature and Fine Art photography. While “Nature and Fine Art” may be broad categories, so are my interests! My mission is to create beautiful images to share with the world.

I’m also an experienced portrait photographer and offer headshots and portraits (coming soon!).

In this website, you’ll find an assortment of photographs available for print including standard prints, canvas wraps, metal prints, stand outs, and more. Purchasing from my site helps support local artists!

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