Headshot Session with Izabel

Headshot Session with Izabel

I’ve spent the last few weeks working diligently on the business side of things, a time-consuming process for any business in its early stages. Needless to say, it was a breath of fresh air to finally get behind the camera for a headshot session in the studio with 2020 Miss South Dakota Teen USA Izabel Kreger.  

Izabel has done some modeling for West Sioux Studios including their grand opening workshop where I was first introduced to her. Since it’s been six years since I first took a break from my photography business, I invited her out to the studio for a session to help get me re-acquainted with studio photography (something I promised my wife I would save her from this time around 😀).  

Headshot photography is one of the major areas I plan to focus on with my photography business, so I was also aiming to get a few additional headshot style photographs for my portfolio. I chose headshot photography as a focus because its importance cannot be understated. Your headshot is at the forefront of your own personal branding and helps set the tone for the message you want to share about yourself. 

Giancarlo Pawelec does a great job at explaining the importance of headshots in this 2017 article on LinkedIn, The Importance of a Professional Headshot

Back to the session in question; I must say I am super happy with how the headshot session with Izabel turned out, not to mention she was fantastic to work with! The green backdrop complimented her shirt extremely well and we had a great selection to choose from.  

Thank you again to Izabel for coming out for this studio session. Here’s a few select photos from the session: 

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